Title 24

Episode 1: It Begins Here!

Episode Summary

Ricky Carmichael and Ryan Villopoto discuss Eli Tomac's announcement, the tight battle atop the 450 class, lappers, whoops, Nate Thrasher vs. Hunter Lawrence, and a Daytona Preview.

Episode Notes

(2:18) Reaction to Eli Tomac's big announcement.

(6:18) Arlington: 250 Recap - Nate Thrasher takes it to Hunter Lawrence, Haiden Deegan's first test and his response.

(10:58) Arlington: 450 Recap - Tomac's Crash & Gate Pick. Cooper Webb's Win. Chase Sexton down again.

(19:08) SX Future: Daxton Bennick bet on himself, and won! And should teams be able to trade riders?

(24:25) LAPPERS! How should Sexton have handled the situation that led to Cooper Webb's pass for the lead?

(30:35) The Whoops! How do you like them? How would you attack them?

(37:30) Daytona Preview: Why do riders think this is the halfway point? Eli Tomac's Daytona advantage isn't a foregone conclusion. RC & RV do a virtual Daytona Track Walk. 250 - "You better watch out [for Jeremy Martin], bro!" Fowler's Facts: RC or RV - Who was the best at Daytona?